Big Fish



“Led by tutors Toby Burgess and Martin Self, the two structures – named Tetrahedron and Big Fish in reference to their shapes – were created by students Zachary Mollica, Yang Yung-Chen, Mohaimeen Islam, Swetha Raju and Sahil Shah.

The brief was to “amplify existing features of the landscape” and to “test extremes of the reciprocation between designing and making”.

“The form of the second structure, the so-called Big Fish, was developed in response to the site topography. Clad with approximately 400 strips of larch and ash, it forms a hideaway on the forest floor, but also integrates an outdoor bench.”

“A series of bendable kerfed timber ribs allowed an armature to the sculpted on site and locked into position,” he added. “The final form emerged over five days in an ad-hoc process so as to maximise the inhabitants’ experience of the terrain, trees, sunsets and views.”



Tutors – Toby Burgess and Martin Self

Students – Zachary Mollica and Yang Yung-Chen