Tetrahedron Treehouse

2014-12-14 15.50.56


“Led by tutors Toby Burgess and Martin Self, the two structures – named Tetrahedron and Big Fish in reference to their shapes – were created by students Zachary Mollica, Yang Yung-Chen, Mohaimeen Islam, Swetha Raju and Sahil Shah.

The brief was to “amplify existing features of the landscape” and to “test extremes of the reciprocation between designing and making”.

Tetrahedron is a pyramid structure suspended between several surrounding trees at a seemingly awkward angle, directly above a large mound of earth.

Its frame was built using Douglas fir sourced from the surrounding woodland, while its walls are formed of a fabric membrane.”

– Dezeen.com


Tutors – Toby Burgess and Martin Self

Students – Zachary Mollica and Yang Yung-Chen